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Equipment Vibration Protectors

the most effective, easiest and least expensive means of controlling unwanted vibrations.

Lab-proven vibration isolation feet for high fidelity playback and recording equipment, as well as guitar, bass and keyboard cabinets, microphone stands, etc.

EVPs allow equipment to perform optimally, quiet the room, and prevent vibrations from being transmitted to adjoining spaces.

Vibrations and resonances are no longer heard, leaving only the pure original loudspeaker signals.EVPs de-couple vibration transmission. They do so by transforming the mechanical energy into heat energy. 

There is a new addition to the Equipment Vibration Protection family. The name is LD for Low Density.

To handle the many light-weight devices now available, such as streamers, hard drives, phono pre-amps, power supplies, etc.

EVP LD has been designed for equipment loads of 3-11 lbs. (1.36 – 5 kg.) and are designated with a white dot. Though you can select felt finish, we suggest that rubber holds equipment in place better when using heavy and/or stiff cables. Be the first on the block to enjoy EVPs under light-weight electronics.

Same benefits, same performance, same price and same 30 day money back guarantee as 2″ MD and HD EVPs. Please note that LDs are even more fragile due to their low density- please handle with care.

Improves Sound Quality

Clarity, Dynamics, Timbre and Soundstage are improved because resonances and vibrations are eliminated from both the electronics and the structure.

Reduces Sound Transmission

Vibrations are not transferred to the building structure.

Lab Tested

 Found to conservatively eliminate vibrations to and from equipment from 5 Hz. and above, by >80%.

Different Sizes for Different Jobs 

Too little or too much deflection will not decouple energy transfer. EVPs come in 2 sizes and 3 densities to “float” the weight of your equipment properly.

What We Do

Design  •  Modeling  •  Voicing   •  Sound Quality  •  Noise Control  •  Power Quality  •  Acoustical Products  •  Vibration Control

A/V RoomService designs for new rooms or existing rooms with an emphasis on noise control, sound quality and viewing acuity.

Modeling software is incorporated including proprietary modeling programs for optimal room dimensions, speaker/listener locations, and reverberation times.

Designs may include innovative construction materials and methods for the room shell, interior skin, electrical and HVAC systems for a home cinema, recording studio, post-production suite, conference room, church, auditorium, classroom, restaurant, etc.. 

Designs allow for standards established by organizations such as; Dolby Lab, National Television System Committee, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, THX, etc. Proprietary Modeling software is incorporated throughout with deliverable reports.

A/V RoomService offers many types of acoustic and electrical analysis. We sell and/or recommend acoustic materials that allow us to obtain goals dictated by the customer for sound quality and budget.

A/V RoomService sells and/or recommends AC line treatment devices that improve the performance of your electronics.

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